Hello! We're the United Fund.

Campaign Co-Chairs

Kimberly Holt, Executive Director at Family Services of Warren County
Jennifer Cummings-Tutmaher, Vice President of Strategic Initiatives and Outreach at the Northern Pennsylvania Regional College


Denise Whipp, President
Michelle Betts, Vice-President
Arthur Stewart, Vice-President
Vance Lauffenburger, Treasurer

Board Members

Michael Barrett
Emily Bennett
Michelle Betts
Kristi Bogart
Tina Dell
Mike DelPrince
Ben Kafferlin
Alex Keddie, Jr.
Kristy Kulka
Vance Lauffenburger
Ashley McBride
Patti McMeans
Dr. R. Keith Price
Marisa Smith
Lincoln Sokolski
Arthur Stewart
Lisa To
Shawn Walker
Denise Whipp